RBN Value Multipliers

Since the RBN first debuted in 2008, a number of very skilled programmers have looked at ways  of augmenting the services we provide centrally.  We're sure we don't even know of all the worthy programs, but here are a couple that deserve your attention:

Viewprop, written by Rick Kiessig, ZL2HAM, has been around for a few years, but has not gotten the attention we think it deserves.  Viewprop's big new idea is to derive information about open paths by analyzing not only spots seen by RBN nodes near you, but to collect and analyze "reverse spots", spots of stations near you that are reported by RBN nodes in areas of propagation interest.  This two-way" capability can also be used as "middleware", in between a Telnet DX cluster and your contest or DX logging program, enabling you to use Viewprop's very comprehensive filtering to augment those provided by the cluster or your logger.

The Viewprop center of gravity is its Yahoo group, Viewprop@yahoogroups.com.  There you will find the latest release of Viewprop, from May, 2017, as well as all the documentation for the program.

A brand new entrant has been written by HA8TKS, at the suggestion of Jose, CT1BOH.  It is titled simply the RBN Azimuthal Map, and is an online application that will display, on an azimuthal map, either all of the paths to and from a given DX station, being reported by RBN nodes worldwide, or all the open paths between a given RBN station and the stations it is spotting.  To access the Azimuthal Map, simply point your browser to dxcluster.ha8tks.hu/azimuthal_map/


Files available for download: